during r.e.m. sleep your brain goes through a process where your brain consolidates and re-enforces memories. dreams are a by-product of this process. you don’t remember over 95% of these, but basically it’s a way for your brain to organize and file all your experiences.

i almost never remember my dreams. but there is always a correlation. sometimes it’s immediately evident.

when i moved to Montreal, I had recurring dreams of being attacked and stung by insect(s), swarms and huge monstrous things. alongside, various dreams of trying to climb huge bridges and stairs, and being paralyzed by fear.

it’s funny that experiences you have while asleep, in constructs entirely generated by your own brain, have almost more of an impact on you than ones you have in “real” life.

i had a dream. i’ve had many dreams. you’ve had many dreams.

i don’t know very much about interpretation, but i think they help you figure out yourself. feelings you may not be ready to confront within yourself will be revealed and brought to the surface, even if you consciously don’t want them to.

the subconscious is such a powerful thing.

take your dream states to confront your fears in waking life.

“life ain’t easy when you’re running scared”

only forward progress can be made after realization.

let’s walk down that path.
not later, now.
happy new year.

listening: CunninLynguists – “Oneirology”

~ by getbackwards on January 2, 2012.

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