in a lo-fi land.

“The emergence of an image is an extension of the processes of memory and conceptualization. Imagery introduces metaphorical language and personalized communication.”

outlets. you need to find an outlet.

i’ve touched on this subject many times.

all my life: teg, you need an outlet. you need to channel your energy.

it’s like i’m a goddamned human lightbulb. “just plug in!”

the list of possibilities reads like a telephone book.

one thing you learn when you’re alone a lot is that you can’t go through life going to work, going out, going home, and doing it all over again the next day.

the monotony of even a job you enjoy can drag on your spirit and make life a terrible, boring, uninspiring place to be.

part of the reason i even keep writing on this blog is just a way to take my energy and put it somewhere else. sometimes it feels like i’m going to explode if i don’t do something.

sometimes you just have to do something. doesn’t matter what it is.

a life spent repressing your feelings and distracting them with media, alcohol, and people. this is an ultimately fruitless life.

i do not profess to know any answers, but i do know that i feel better after expressing myself on “paper” or canvas. one is more specific representation of my insides, and the other, i don’t know. i like to think that my convoluted paintings of coloured lines are like a painting of the inside of my brain. like an MRI with no technology.

so really the question is: what is inspiring you? what NOT inspiring you?

what’s keeping you inside yourself? where is the key?

and where is the lock?

my bottles of spray paint look down from the shelf expectantly.

it’s time to turn on the radio.

and this time, it’ll be in stereo sound.

Listening: Matthew Good Band – Underdogs

~ by getbackwards on February 8, 2012.

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  1. Pics or gtfo

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