just the right amount of crazy.

as a rule, people generally shy away from craziness. if you’re a normal (read: boring) person, being crazy is pretty much the death knell for your ability to fit into neat little boxes and be a productive member of society.

ironically, normal people idolize people who are in effect, crazy. artists, musicians, scientists, etc. all brilliant people have something in them that sets them apart from the 99% (sorry, OWS, i’m taking your stupid slogan for my own).

i love and hate dating crazy people.

i’ve had many conversations about how i appreciate the right amount of crazy. enough so it’s interesting and special. enough so you know that the other person has a bit of the brilliant in them as well, but not so much that you hate your life and them as well.

i think it’s a very fine line.

as george r.r. martin said, “madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin”.

i’m on the line, constantly.

no one knows usually, since i can’t express myself, and anyway i don’t know how to describe the duality of personality i feel on a daily basis. on one side, an overwhelming sense of frustration and isolation. on the other, ironclad belief in myself, my resolve, and what i can accomplish.

i’ve written many, many, many entries on my angst and bullshit anxiety about cooking (and life, blah blah). i just still can’t figure anything out.

“to work here, you have to be crazy” – alinea cook

how do you balance the two sides? mine fight over a desire for a stable, normal, happy life, and a hunger for success and excitement.

maybe i’ll never figure it out. probably not. but i’ll keep trying to.

life is a constant balancing act. you need the sane, boring parts to keep your stress in check. but you need the excitement to activate your enthusiasm and passion, whatever that may be.

fine lines within fine lines within fine lines within fine lines within fine lines.

razor’s edge.

listening: Forest Swords – Dagger Paths


~ by getbackwards on November 16, 2011.

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