slow blur.

so that’s pretty much it for that season that we all love. as i predicted, a very bittersweet season – pushing myself to the mental and physical limit. full of unique wonderful experiences, desolation, and improvement.

it should come as no surprise that i have a lot on my mind. after a perfect weekend in toronto i have a bit of restlessness. i’ve been contemplating a lot regarding my work situation and future travel plans.

i really envy people who can just get up and travel. it seems that there are two types of people: those that are hard to move, and those that are already moving. some people are just able to move city to city and fit in naturally, as if they had been there forever. i guess i’ll forever be a west coast kid, no matter how hard i try.

but i endeavor to take my west coast mind to new places. montreal is really great but i don’t know if it’s our combined stubbornness that’s making it hard to fit in. maybe it’s just me.

either way, i need to figure out how to be comfortable, at least until i get my affairs in order.

london, france, japan, nyc. 2012.

~ by getbackwards on September 6, 2011.

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