put down your dream journal.

hard faced new yorkers rush past like single minded army ants. i stand in the shadows of skyscrapers, and feel the energy of the city wash over me. it is almost too much to bear.

by comparison, the peaceful ambling of brooklynites seems like a colony of sloths, idly passing their time in the branches of trees.

vacations are supposed to recharge you and give you a new perspective. but i definitely see how traveling is a great way to avoid all the problems you have back home. returning to montreal, and instantly falling back into my old habits and idle pastimes, really worry me. and it shows that a vacation, while great, does not change anything – your life was just put on hold for a week.

i went to new york to improve myself, ultimately. but improvement doesn’t happen overnight.

the mind-body connection creates a cascading wave of electricity, paralyzing me. i take it lying down. i feel like one of those plasma balls. all that energy and power but nowhere to direct it. and if it does eventually reach the surface, it’s ultimately neutral.

dear diary, how do you like being read by everyone?

listening: king tubby – in loving memory

~ by getbackwards on May 2, 2011.

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