You don’t even realize it’s happening. You can’t do anything about it. Inexorable, inevitable, and it’s gonna drag its grimy claw across your face.

it’s something you can control though. synchronization is more important than any of us possibly imagine, and an integral part of life.

it’s not something everyone is born with.

you wanna go meet your friend sally at the coffee shop? at 3pm? that’s what i’m talkin’ about. you both leave your house at the time you know will get you to the shop by 3pm.

you want that salad on the pass in 2 minutes? you better start putting that shit in the bowl and dressing it in at least 30 seconds because maybe you misplaced your block of cheese or you didn’t put the salad dressing bottle back where you did the time before.

cooking is time.

i’m not always good at time.

put the bowl back. put the pepper back. be aware of what 2 minutes feels like. be aware of what 20 minutes feels like.

can you feel your life passing by? or is it just a muted noise in the back of your head that you’ve ignored all your life?

cooks need to feel time, and feel everything. i have a radar around my body. to know that someone’s behind you without them making a noise.

make plans. make connections. live in the moment, but remember that right after this wonderful, amazing moment is another moment that maybe you’ll miss because you were caught up in the last one.

can you move from one side of the kitchen to the other, 200 times a night, without wasting 3 seconds EACH TIME by running into people? that’s ten minutes of my life i’ll never get back because i didn’t have spatial awareness.

time is like love, it’s gonna happen without your knowledge or participation or acquiescence. and just like love, you can either let it pass you by or grab it by the fucking horns and dive in.

i love mixing metaphors.

listening: Blockhead – Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book

~ by getbackwards on April 18, 2011.

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