sparks on a flat surface.

the air is literally electric. the humidity level is through the roof. the air smells like you’re pressing your face into the freshest, greenest grass.

the sky looms above me, pressing into my mind. the dichotomy between the the warm, fresh, rushing air and the dark menace of the clouds is creating a maelstrom of emotions inside.

or maybe they were there already, and the conditions outside are merely serving to illustrate a really simple metaphor.

i can’t concentrate.

it took me 6 hours to leave the house today, and came back feeling worse than before.

i’m hitting a wall i think, and i don’t know how to get over it. i’ve felt very complacent lately. this is extremely bad. maybe i’m rejecting my additional responsibilities subconsciously.

complacency leads to mistakes. mistakes lead to me getting in shit wherever i turn. i’ve clearly been doing something right, but i’ve left that headspace on the side of the road somewhere.

the fire is low. i need kindling.

listening: Pete Rock – Soul Survivor

~ by getbackwards on April 11, 2011.

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