food don’t cry.

how did anyone ever do it
to take someone down, only to bring them up
to manage, much less sense other’s feelings
when one cannot even figure out one’s own
to achieve success, it’s essential
to gain respect
do you run the hardline? or just head down mouth shut.

the latter doesn’t work so well when you’re in charge.
my manner doesn’t apply well to anyone who doesn’t get me.
i’m not good at being in charge.
get it through your head! i just want everyone to be happy!

especially chef.

my feelings come second.
i am okay with this.

i don’t know how anyone does it.
people are fucking crazy.

one of the many reasons i like cooking:
food doesn’t cry. food does what you want it to, usually
i can swear and berate and belittle my vegetables
and as long as i have love in my heart for it in reality
it usually does what i want. and presents the real beauty

maybe i have inadvertently stumbled on the secret,
to human relationships.

Listening: Dungeon Family – Even in Darkness

~ by getbackwards on March 31, 2011.

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