stars in grinders

st patrick was a teetotaller.

well not really but i wish he was. the restaurant filled like a big drunk balloon of mindless creeps who only like food cooked in deep vats of boiling oil.

beware the ides of march. julius caesar said that. i say beware the temperature in the kitchen. it has steadily increased since the beginning of the month, just like the rate of liquid seeping through my pores.

captain! enemy ship approaching. set condition one throughout teg. action stations! we’re dangerously low on fuel and finances! we’ve lost our navigational computers! we’ll never make it to new york without engines!

problems and personal setbacks approach.

i’m readying my internal response team.

since i moved to montreal, i’ve been having terrible anxiety attacks on escalators, stairs without rainings, etc. to the point where my heart is threatening to escape my body. i find it quite sad that i can overcome almost anything, but i can’t go near a metro station.

i guess it’s a tradeoff. most people are scared of big things like themselves, or disasters, or not finding true love. i’m scared of goddamned escalators.

now if you’ll excuse me, i need to go stand near an open gas line and put my hands into fire.

listening: Apparat – DJ Kicks

~ by getbackwards on March 19, 2011.

One Response to “stars in grinders”

  1. Hey Teg,
    I am all too familiar with the fear of stairs. Although I don’t have full on anxiety attacks, I have recurring daymares about falling down flights of stairs and dying. I usually just take them VERY slow.

    Anxiety attacks can be helped with therapy if you are willing to go that route. Personally, I think that it would be better than letting the attacks interrupt your life.

    Breathe deep my friend. Good to hear that you are still rocking it in Montreal. I am now teaching at your alma mater. Big changes going on there….for the better.

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