I frequently wake up not knowing where I am. I realize after 5 seconds of wakefulness that I am in my house, and I’m in Montreal. Sometimes life has a way of making reality seem very unreal. You get in a routine and then all of a sudden it’s March and summer is tantalizingly close, teasing you with mental images of bicycles, patios, and girls in bikinis.

March in Montreal has a way of dulling you. It’s been a solid 4 months of winter so far and everyone is dead inside a little bit. Everyone is kind of going off the deep end.

I was saying to one of my friends about how I never cook at home anymore. I guess when my work is creatively stimulating I have no desire to make anything besides a bowl of pasta when I’m at home. In the past, working jobs that weren’t necessarily rewarding, I would create elaborate meals for my friends. They were great. But I don’t need to anymore.

I am going to be going to New York in April. My chef told us that if we wanted any vacation we pretty much had to take it then. Summer is likely going to be ridiculous at work, so I guess that makes sense. I was going to go back to BC but given the price of flights it isn’t in the cards. I’m looking at it as a positive thing, I’ve never been to NYC and I’m sure there are tons of amazing things I could do while there.

i am making a list in my head of stuff i’ve been learning lately. I don’t have time right now since I have to go  to work, as usual, but I promise it’s coming soon and it’ll be crazy.

Listening: Jay Electronica – What The F*ck is a Jay Electronica

~ by getbackwards on March 9, 2011.

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