renaissance man

Something to aspire to.

Wikipedia says that “it is meant that he does not just have broad interests or a superficial knowledge of several fields, but rather that his knowledge is profound, and often that he also has proficiency or accomplishments in at least some of these fields, and in some cases even at a level comparable to the proficiency or the accomplishments of an expert.”

I’ve always considered myself to have a broad range of interests, and at the very least “superficial” knowledge of many different fields. I’ve considered this to be a hindrance for the most part. I feel that because I’ve spread my knowledge and proficiency across so many fields and interests, I’ve prevented myself from gaining any level of expertise past amateur.

I really feel this is important. Is it possible to train yourself to have expert knowledge in many areas? I suppose it’s not possible for everyone. Are polymaths born, or made?

I wasn’t born a cook. But I trained myself. I wasn’t born to talk. I didn’t talk until I was 3. But I was reading books at 5. The human brain is incomprehensible, and probably has more potential that anyone can realize. Our conscious mind is what inhibits us.

I’ve always known that there was impossible depth inside my head, and because of that I get lost inside it for hours, even months on end. But I wonder if there is a way for me to harness it.

I really know a lot of things. Useless things mostly, like what the capital of New York is, or how many fighters are on a Star Destroyer. But I know useful things too. I feel like I’m good at a lot of things, but not expert.

Even with cooking, I feel like a lot of people inhibit themselves because they get so helplessly obsessed with cooking that they lose sight of all other things. I may want to run a restaurant one day, so I’ve been educating myself on other areas of consumption. Coffee and cocktails are my areas of education at the moment, both crucial to restaurant service.

But cooking aside, and maybe this is just my colossal ego talking, but I really feel like I can be great at lots of things, and I have yet to reach my full potential.

One of the main things about reading, or writing this blog is that it’s basically me trying to justify my life. I guess I could just write it down for myself, but what’s the fun in that?

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~ by getbackwards on February 14, 2011.

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