It’s been awhile, again. I am sorry. I have not been feeling that inspired to write here. It’s mostly because all my energy, all my focus has been taken from me. My job at Reservoir has been revelatory, painful, hilarious, crushing, humbling, inspirational, and all-consuming. In short, everything a good cooking job should be. I have been having reoccurring nightmares about being late, sleeping in, missing my shift, messing up their food, and so on. It’s probably indicative of how much it’s been weighing on me. Even barely 3 months in I already feel very committed to what we are doing there, yet I still cannot stop thinking about what my next step will be. If I do decide to leave Montreal this year, I will have to start planning soon. And actually saving money. I will be working around the same amount, maybe a bit less, so as long as I am smart with my money I may have a little nest egg soon enough.

This year, my resolution is the same as usual, but refined.

– I resolve to evolve and focus my cooking style.
– I resolve to maintain and further my ideals of a healthy lifestyle and balance my work and social lives.

I am more than ever, focused and ready.

~ by getbackwards on January 3, 2011.

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