end to end burner.

Hi. I’m 3600km away from home. I’m in a terrible little town called Thunder Bay. Now you may be wondering, why am I slandering a city I just visited for the first time? Well, here’s the thing. Through my travels, I’ve been to lots of shitty small towns. But I’ve never been to one that was so obviously lacking in so many areas, and for some reason it really affected me. This city has so much potential. It overlooks the beautiful Lake Superior, has lots of wonderful forested areas nearby, and has a reasonable population. But it has no culture. Everyone looks dead inside. I passed through the “old” downtown core, in what was Port Arthur. It was nice, full of old historic buildings, but not much else. Abandoned buildings and for lease signs litter the storefronts and streets. I pass through the waterfront area, and I see a few groups of older people sitting at picnic tables.

I see death in their eyes. They stare at my car as we pass, slowly tapping their feet as if they wanted something to do, but could not find it. A sign proclaiming new developments on the waterfront blocks a huge section of the parking area – “Completion date: Summer 2010”. I could see no development in sight. Right beside, a large group of teenagers ride their BMX and skateboards aimlessly up and down skate ramps, assuredly built by city council to combat what I’m sure is a slow and inexorable malaise among the young people of Thunder Bay.

Myself and Will then go to what is apparently the “downtown” of thunder bay. It is a collection of malls, and shitty malls at that. Where are the restaurants? Where are the clubs? Where are the art galleries? Where are the PEOPLE!?

I felt really depressed and agitated after this. I almost couldn’t deal with my own emotions. I immediately felt a great and surging desire to get out of this town. I never ever want to live like this. I can’t wait to get to the big city. I….want to work. Big. Time.

The only real upside to this is that we stayed with some really nice relatives of my grandmothers who fed us tons and drove us places while the muffler was gone. And we went to this place downtown called The Apollo where Georgia’s friend’s band Slam Dunk played last month. The owner, Sheila was really nice. We saw a band called Cop Shades, they were sweet.

I will leave you with this, which should explain much.

Downtown fail.

Company Flow – Little Johnny From The Hospital
MF Doom – Operation: Doomsday

~ by getbackwards on August 13, 2010.

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