prairie fire.

Hey. So, I have finally left Vancouver. I left on Thursday to Calgary. I visited a few friends and went to my cousin James’ wedding on Saturday. We stayed out at Calaway Park campground. It was a pretty great weekend, all the family came out. Then we drove to Saskatoon on Monday, and I proceeded to meet up with my cousins here. Today I go up to Prince Albert for my cousin’s birthday. I have basically been visiting the family, drinking tons of beer, and having a great time.

I realized how long it’s been since I have updated since I have tons of pictures on here from before I left Vancouver, including a few from the BC vs. Saskatchewan CFL game i went to.

From top left:
1. Scallops, swiss chard, zucchini, fingerling, sherry bacon jus.
2. Roughriders.
3. Quinoa salad, julienne romaine.
4. Steelhead salmon, mussel beignets, fennel, crispy cauliflower + soup.
5. Sad, or mad, I can’t decide.
6. Happy.
7. Wedding dance!
8. I think this is Uma Thurman.
9. Milk Tiger Lounge on 4th St in Calgary.
10. Can you tell who is who?
11. 1910 Boomtown Western Development Museum.
12. Outside the Berry Barn, the south Saskatchewan River.
13. Prawn, green onion crust, cucumber/corn salsa, celery, radish.

The Mars Volta – De-Loused in the Comatorium

~ by getbackwards on July 21, 2010.

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