clean sweep.

Moving to another city, temporarily or otherwise, is probably one of the most trying things you could put yourself through. It’s frustrating, stressful, and is all dependent on the actions of the last few days (many tasks you must put off until the last day). The good part is, it’s also strangely fulfilling. In my case, I am traveling with very little of my own belongings. I’ve had to basically take inventory of my possessions, and decide what i want to bring with me and what i need to put in storage. My roommate Bryce has been extremely helpful in this regard, we got rid of a multitude of kitchen junk that we had from previous tenants, etc.

By nature, I am kind of a hoarder. I keep all kinds of useless junk because I’m afraid that one day I will want it for some reason and I won’t have it. Even just moving my stuff downstairs from the upstairs suite I found all kinds of ridiculous stuff, like my notes from classes in high school. Not really sure what my justification should be for keeping that for 8 years after I graduated, but I’m sure it’s good to get rid of it.

It’s important to take stock of your life, and what you choose to carry around with you. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about stuff I’ve done in the past, regrets and whatever, and instantly decide not to let it affect me. The baggage you carry around with you is a drain on your energy. You can learn from it, or let it mutate and transform into a seething mass of sad/bitter/anger/confusion burning inside your gut. I’ve met too many people, especially cooks, who let the frustrations of life drag them down until they become generally miserable people to be around. I resolved long ago not to be one of those people. I am not my possessions, and I’m not my frustrations.

I put a couple pics from work on here. We got in 2 pig’s heads, so Chef did a little demo on how to debone them. The last 2 dishes is what we got out of them..pretty awesome to see the change. Pig brains are delicious, ps.

From top left:
1. Piggy!!!!
2. You don’t need that skull anyway
3. Open sesame!
4. Braaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnns.
5. Mint julep and Camels
6. Porchetta di testi, arugula, french breakfast radish, pecorino
7. 60hr pork jowl, potato fondant, porcini, crispy ear/snout, mini green salad, braising sauce.

Pase Rock – Bullshit as Usual
Nujabes – Modal Soul

~ by getbackwards on June 21, 2010.

One Response to “clean sweep.”

  1. Good point, sir. I don’t want to advocate that people become unfeeling sociopaths, but really guilt is a wasted emotion. Deal with your issues, fix them if you can, but if you can’t just let go and move on.

    I see this in cooks a lot too. An awful lot. We tend to be an irrational lot, lots of us are social retards who don’t know how to act with normal people. This irrational abrasiveness and frustration over things you can’t control only serves to drag you down. There are just too many miserable cooks who can only see fault in things, and completely disregard the good things around them.

    Best of luck on your travels – keep going with the blog!

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