get your snack on.

Yo. I won’t talk about how long it’s been again, cause that is just annoying. I just wanted to talk about what’s happening. I gave my notice at work on Monday. I leave for Calgary on July 15th. A few weeks of relaxing in Saskatchewan, and then work in Toronto until I hit the USA. The plans have been set in motion. I am kinda stressed about the whole thing since I need to get rid of pretty much everything I own, with the exception of a few things I”m going to keep, like computer, books, etc. There is so much I need to do, stuff I probably haven’t even thought about, like I just remembered that I should probably do an overhaul of my ipod music so I have lots of new interesting things to listen to on the trip.


Lots to plan, still. I’m slowly just becoming a huge ball of nervous energy.

Listening: You Don’t Know: Ninja Cuts – Ninja Tunes Compilation

~ by getbackwards on June 16, 2010.

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  1. remember i want your chair for Anita!

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