Ghosts in gastown.

Sink or Swim….it’s probably what lots of people are thinking about right now.  Vancouver has been in some kind of collective daze since the Olympics ended, and hockey playoffs aren’t helping Vancouverites get themselves into a restaurant seat. So, maybe a few restaurants got themselves signed up for Dine Out Vancouver. I did Dine Out two years in a row, and like many others, I left the experience feeling like it wasn’t totally worthwhile.

The idea of Dine out is to (in essence), magically put customers in your restaurant because of your amazing prix fixe menu, ranging from 20-40 dollars. The problem is, the type of people who go out during Dine Out don’t increase your business because they don’t drink. Restaurants typically lose money on the food since they are offering it at a discounted rate, especially higher end restaurants such as West/Lumiere, etc. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend I know lots about business, but speaking as a cook Dine Out resulted in a ton of extra work for me. And since lots of customers chose just to eat off the regular menu, it didn’t really make anything easier. If they even came to eat.

That being said, I’m not doing Dine Out this year. Thank god.

I’ve entered negotiations to extend my vacation even longer. One of my friends is taking a road trip across Canada, and offered a seat in his car. I need to go to the east coast anyway, so I figure this will be a convenient and fun way of travelling there. Food and lodging concerns aside, I don’t have a timetable for my trip, so I don’t mind taking a few extra weeks. I have a feeling that some areas of the USA will be a bit nicer in September than August 🙂

I’ve barely saved any money so far. I got some US dollars. But at these early stages, most people would say “Sink Or Swim buddy!” I say Swim, and forget that sinking even exists.

Caribou – Swim

~ by getbackwards on April 26, 2010.

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