Busy due to winter sporting event.

Hey. I really haven’t meant to neglect my blog since I really do want to talk about what I’m doing but the olympics are really ridiculous. There are 5 extra people staying at my house right now, (and more are coming) and they all want to drink everyday. I don’t think I’m going to have the stamina for this but it’s gonna be pretty hard to avoid. Everyone in Vancouver is so stoked about what is going on it is over the top. That is why I am posting to my blog at an extremely late hour. Work was really busy. It’s hard to concentrate on my goals when my entire day is filled, literally. I have some pictures for you, so that maybe you can understand. I’m having tons of hilarity. I have other pictures of other things I want to talk about, like Kusshi oysters (they taste like watermelons). So maybe in March.

If pictures were a thousand jests…

From top left:

1. A slow day on Robson & Granville.
2. The Saskatchewan Pavilion. I drank some pilsner obviously.
3. Someone was tuckered out.
4. Sober cameraman.
5. This looks better than it tastes.

~ by getbackwards on February 17, 2010.

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