Old notes.

Just looking through my notebook, and I’m going to put some of my notes on here from last year.. some interesting questions, at least. Most of it I don’t know the answer to but I like asking the questions anyway.


Possible to re-create sea air a la Alinea’s rosemary vapor puffs? Would enhance experience of fish.
Re: sea air – >

smell of hot summer day in the woods – pine needles, grass, flowers, heat. Does heat have a smell? What makes sea smell? Seaweed, molluscs, algae, salt? Could you combine those and recreate that smell? Diesel?

What about earthy smell? People throw it around like it’s an all purpose adjective but what about the smell of fresh soil? Possible to recreate?

Smell of BBQ also very important for summer – evokes memories in people. Late evening sunlight, glittering off the waves. Orange, the last vestige of heat.
Sounds – waves crashing, wind, seagulls, eagles, and the far off sound of civilization.


Structure of a dandelion seeding – how can it be applied to dishes?

Or tall thick grass/rushes. Strips of celery?

Would be interesting to create dish imagining beachside scene – barnacled rocks, seaweed, sand, course item.


Chow’s Last Dinner Menu

roasted ling cod 27
red wine braised squid, crushed potato,
olives, confit tomato, parsley.


What could I use to create “sand” or “rocks”?

Venison & Juniper – combo bordering on cliche – imagining winter scene – smell of cold fir, and comforting wild flavors. snow. juniper snow. toasted fir, cured vension?


Sand – dehydrated fish stock? through robotcoupe and tamis.
Rocks – mussel marshmellow
Seaweed – nori scented kale.


Bonobo – Dial ‘M’ For Monkey
Hip-Hop Wieners – All Beef, No Chicken

~ by getbackwards on February 2, 2010.

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